Wealth Advisor
Brenda Stein

About this Advisor

Brenda is committed to provide an ideal client experience. Her true gift is that of listening and determining how best to resolve the financial issues of her clients. She is committed to excellent customer service.

Her move to Seacrest Wealth Management has allowed her the ability to customize the portfolios to suit each client individually.

“I use intelligent, interactive tools to determine the comfort level of my clients with respect to the ups and downs of the market. I understand that everyone is different – what may seem too risky for one person is not risky enough for another. Proper investment allocation is critical. I work hard to meet my clients where they are. Together, using your knowledge of you and my knowledge of the available opportunities, we build a portfolio that is a custom creation.”

Brenda has a bachelor of science in civil engineering from University of California, Davis and a master of business administration. She enjoys reading, hiking and backpacking with her family.