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We often hear about the benefits of going independent. At SeaCrest, we refer to the “spirit of independence”, while being part of an organization that is there to meet your needs. Independence means open architecture, having control of your future and building equity in your business. We are here to serve you so that you achieve your objectives. In addition to our strategic partnership with Schwab, we do offer our advisors multiple custodial relationships. SeaCrest Wealth Management is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor with offices throughout the United States. We are looking to partner with people who can participate in the growth of our Firm.

Transitioning with SeaCrestInterests-Aligned-with-Yours

We will guide you through your transition and mitigate the issues that can arise in what can be a daunting process. Our payouts are high and we will work with you on the expense side of the ledger to achieve the best economics possible. Whether you are someone who is considering leaving an established financial firm or are already independent, we can work with you to provide a solution that makes sense for both you and your clients. We will open up locations around the country wherever we can identify quality advisors. We want partners who will grow with us in the years ahead.