Ruben Cisneros

    About this Advisor

    Ruben Cisneros is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professional®, a designation awarded by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. Prior to SeaCrest Wealth Management, Ruben was titled First Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Merrill Lynch in the Los Angeles Office. He holds 20 years of investment experience in the financial services industry, providing financial and wealth management services to private families, businesses, and non-profit 501(c)(3). He helps new and existing clients identify where they stand financially and prepare written plans to help them organize their financial assets in order to plan and protect their investment goals. He is heavily experienced in providing what-if scenarios and modeling simulations that project the results of various growth and income strategies under different financial and economic conditions.

    He understands the many aspects that impact a family’s financial well-being: taxes, managing cash flow, debt, saving for a child’s education, providing for loved ones, and more. What you do to meet one financial goal may affect your ability to meet your other goals which is why he can help you prioritize them and help you make the most of your existing income and personal assets.

    Below is a summary of how Ruben reviews and monitors client investment assets under an “Investment Advisory Program” at SeaCrest Wealth Management.

    – Initiate a written financial plan designed to meet your stated goals and investment objectives.
    – Discussing any material change in circumstance in your family’s financial position of financial goals as well as changes to the economic environment and how it may impact the recommendations made in the written financial plan
    – Advising you of any material changes in the economic conditions or the law.
    – Discussing the need to change any assumptions made in developing the written financial plan
    – Adjusting recommendations to accommodate any changes in circumstances or assumptions
    – Configuring what recommendations have been implemented as part of the action plan
    – Updating your financial and personal information
    – Incorporating any material changes in the economic environment
    – Updating the recommendations to reflect the above changes

    I invite you to connect with me if you are looking for an experienced Certified Financial Planner(R) Professional to help coordinate your financial resources and plan for the future with your other trusted advisors.

    *Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. owns the certification marks CFP(R) CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. CFP® practitioners have met the highest level of expertise, practice, and ethical standards in financial planning, and as part of their certification, they have pledged to CFP Board to represent your best interests today in order to prepare you for the future.

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